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Komatsu WA380 WA430 WA470 Wheel Loader Hydraulic Oil Pump fan motor 708-1s-00970 708-7s-00310 708-7s-00311

  • 708-1s-00970 708-7s-00310 708-7s-00311

bulldozer / excavator / wheel loader / engine parts

708-1s-00970  708-7s-00310 708-7s-00311

ОА21026    axle cap (final drive)
ОА23013    cart collar-cap (long)
ОА23019    boom collar-cap (short)
ОА21013 Т-165    big labyrinth
ОА21014 Т-165    small labyrinth
ОА09025 Т-165    idler pulley
ОА17031Т-165     brake band
85*110*12    main cluth cuff
ОА10115 Т-165    screw down gear
1V49010 Т-165    left tensioner
1V50004 Т-165    right tensioner
1F08000 Т-165    mechanical gearbox
ОА21021 Т-165    press-on bush
OА21033 Т-165    bearing's thrust ring
ОА21019 Т-165    vehicle-born clamping disc (castellated)
1V10043 Т-165    hydraulics pump
CBF-E32А ОА10197 Т-165    steering oil pump
CBFP-E671 1V11027  Т-165    transmissiona oil pump
61500070030 Т-165     engine oil pump
P10Z005    fuel pump
ОА31123/31166    left end bit
ОА31125/31167     right end bit
"180*5,7 GB1235-76"    O-ring
"185*5,7 GB1235-76"    O-ring
ОА23007 Т-165    O-ring
"135*3,1 GB1235-76"    primary shaft O-ring
"140*3,1 GB1235-76"    primary shaft O-ring
"125*3,1 GB1235-76"    primary shaft O-ring
1V55012 Т-165    support
0А23002    carrier roller support
ОА52011 Т-165    pin
Т-165    water pipe
209/6209 Т-165    bearing
0Т03231    bearing
0Т03259    bearing
10000924 Б1Т2/61924 Т-165    bearing
109/42611 Т-165    bearing
115/6015     clutch coupling bearing
115/6015    clutch coupling bearing
12211    gearbox driven shaft bearing
12211    gearbox secondary shaft bearing
12215/NF 1215М     bearing
12311(NF311)    bearing
22209    bearing
2414/N414M OA13058    bearing
3056206    hydraulic convertor bearing
311/6013 Т-165    bearing
32214    clutch coupling bearing
32512    automatic gearbox secondary shaft bearing
32617    bearing
42314/NJ314     small cylinder bearing
42317/NJ317 Т-165    bearing
42317M/NJ317    bearing double
42528/NJ2228М    axle bearing
42611/NJ2311M     small cylinder bearing
42617/NJ2317M    bearing double
61924    bearing
7216Е/30216     automatic gearbox secondary shaft bearing
7313    clutch bearing
GB276-82/4G311 T-165    bearing
GB295-83/3G346209 T-165    bearing
MG414M T-165    bearing
NF2211E OA10090 T-165     bearing
NG2310/310М    gearbox primary shaft bearing
22309SA/3609 Т-165     gearbox driven shaft bearing
2414    gearbox driven shaft bearing
150311/6311/311  Т-165    hydraulic convertor (gearbox) bearing
3620/22320/2988 Т-165    axle bearing
3509 Т-165    automatic gearbox primary shaft bearing
22310SA/3610 Т-165     gearbox primary shaft bearing
612600061739    water pump
WBI 630128 Т-165     water pump
WBI 630128 Т-165 (с/о) №081506001    water pump
WBI 630128 Т-165 (с/о) №0815060018    water pump
ОА 13032 Т-165    packing plug
(WD10) 612600040355 Т-165    cylinder head gasket
VG1500040049/612600040355    cylinder head gasket
ОА 13035 Т-165    spacing ring
ОL07001 Т-165    clutch spring
ОL07003 Т-165    clutch spring
1V10075 Т-165    main cylinder repair kit
1V14011 Т-165    angled blade cylinder repair kit
ТY-165-2    hydraulic convertor repair kit
OL57000    gearbox repair kit
Т-165    tensioner repair kit
Т-165    radiator cooling system
1V49001 T-165 №25041606    left frame
1V49001 T-165 №25041607    left frame
1V50001 T-165 №25041608    right frame
1V50001 T-165 №25041609    right frame
10РК1376(-1334) Т-165    fan belt
10РК1390    fan belt
1340*17/1406 Т-165    fan belt
1365    fan belt
1395*17    fan belt
8РК1376(-1334) Т-165    fan belt
8РК1376(-1354) Т-165    fan belt
8РК0970(950) Т-165    generator belt
8РК960 Т-165    generator belt
925*10 Т-165    generator belt
1V34002 Т-165    radiator hose
Т-165 1V10041    speed selector lever (gate)
22*45*10    reinforcment valve seal
85*110*12    seal
95*125*12    seal small
70*95*12 GB629-67 T-165    gearbox primary shaft seal
ОВ21005    swamp segment (5 teeth)
ОВ21006    swamp segment (4 teeth)
ОА21015 Т-165    serial segment
OА20016 Т-165    clutch bearing saddle
Т-165 2V07000    mechanical gearbox control system (gate)
 60500090029 Т-165     gearbox starter
612600090210 HOWO     "starter (10 teeth, d=40)"
612600090562 Т-165    starter
ОА09058 Т-165 mech.gearbox (QD27A)    mechanical gearbox starter
1S04030    hydraulic covertor stator
1V06077 Т-165    door glass (triplex)
Т-165    door glass (triplex)
Т-165    rear glass (triplex)
ОА21020    braking seal
OL10000 Т-165    master clutch
612600081136 Т-165    high pressure fuel pump
612600081136/BHT6P110R Т-165 №141000744    high pressure fuel pump
ОА10065 Т-165    overrunning brake (master clutch)
1V12028 Т-165    brake cable
1V12029 Т-165    brake cable
1V13091 Т-165    steering control cable
61260013433 Т-165    turbocharger
1S04029    hydraulic covertor turbocharger
JB/ZQ3788-86 T-165    seal
ОА21037 Т-165    big floating seal's seal (rubber)
"415*8,6 Т-165"    seal
OА21022 Т-165    small floating seal's seal (rubber)
ОА52005 Т-165    seal
ОА21005/ОА22001 Т-165    flange (left and right saddle of a bearing)
150201 Т-165    flange
1S02028 Т-165    flange
OА10026 Т-165    flange
1S04003 Т-165    hydarulic convertor flange
OА13053 Т-165    gearbox flange
OВ21007 Т-165     segment flange double (swamp buggy)
ОА21035     segment flange single (serial)
OА21001 Т-165    small cylinder drive flange
1V20000 Т-165    clutch assy
0М06053 T-165     track takeup cylinder
ОА13009 Т-165    second motion shaft washer
OZ-14000    universal joint shaft hinge pivot (swamp with cross 335mm)
1F08001 Т-165 Z=33    2nd gear second motion shaft wheel gear


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