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Komatsu D275 Dozer Fan Pump 708-1T-00420 708-1T-00421

  • 708-1T-00420 708-1T-00421

bulldozer / excavator / wheel loader / engine parts

 708-1T-00420  708-1T-00421

OА13018 Т-165    3rd gear second motion shaft wheel gear
OА13020 Т-165     4th gear second motion shaft wheel gear
ОА13047 Т-165    5th gear second motion shaft wheel gear
OА21055    idler wheel gear
OА21056    wheel gear (small shaft)
OА21057    wheel gear (intermediate shaft)
OА21058    wheel gear (annular gear)
ОT03227    big conical wheel gear
ОА20017 Т-165    big conical wheel gear
ОА13004 Т-165    1st gear driven gear
1F08002 Т-165    2nd gear driven gear
ОА13050 Т-165    3rd gear driven gear
ОА13049 Т-165    4th gear driven gear
ОА13022 Т-165    5th gear driven gear
ОА13033 Т-165    gearbox driven shaft double wheel gear
ОА13045 Т-165    reverse gear (primary shaft)
ОА13023 Т-165    second motion shaft reverse gear
ОT03208    small conical gear
ОА13013 Т-165    primary shaft wheel gear
ОА13007 Т-165    second motion shaft 1st gear wheel gear
ОА13044 Т-165     forward gear (primary shaft)
ОА13026 Т-165    second motion shaft forward gear
ОА13056 Т-165    synchronous wheel gear (bush)
ОА21010    double key
ОА21012    hub key
АВРРМА    Aerial
LW500F    bolt block
ZL50G    bolt block
 805002113(36*420)    bolt
"(М12х1,25х55) 805002100"    universal joint bolt
"(М14х1,5х45) 805002117"    universal joint bolt
"(М14х1,5х40) 371264-СБ"    universal joint bolt assy
LW500 805002221    center edge bolt+screw nut
SL50W    bolt+bucket tooth retaining nut
М30*140 LW-500    bolt+axle retaining nut
М30*270 LW-500    bolt+axle retaining nut
"LW500F 250300310 (L=1180, 26 splines)"    axle shaft
"LW500KN 275100111 (L=1180, 41 splines)"    axle shaft
272200175 gearbox 2BS315A    input shaft
272200354 gearbox 2BS315A(D)    input shaft
 LW500 860104113     flexshaft (parking brake cable)
LW500 LJ134C3X1950C    flexshaft (cable)
 LW500F 251800155 (L=42см)    back universal joint shaft
 LW500FN 251805364 (L=32см)    back universal joint shaft
 ZL50    back universal joint shaft
252900465 ZL50 (new design)    back universal joint shaft
LW500KN 252900465 (L=39см)    back universal joint shaft
 LW500F 251800154 (L=108см)    front universal joint shaft
LW500FN 251805363    front universal joint shaft
"LW500KN 252900463 (L=101,5см)"    front universal joint shaft
 ZL50    front universal joint shaft
"LW50KN 252900464 (L=50,5см)"    intermediate universal joint shaft
D-9    crankshaft
D06A-000-41    crankshaft
WD10.220/61500020071/61560020029    crankshaft
ZL40/50 403312B-313    gearbox shaft
272200123 gearbox 2BS315A    pump drive shaft hydraulics
272200151 LW500 gearbox 2BS315A    pump drive shaft of steering wheel
ZL50G/WD615/WD10/612600020208    flywheel ring
D9-220/C16DB-16DB032+A    fan
LW500    cooling radiator fan
61560030033    connecting rod liner
D05-113-31+A    connecting rod liner
C6121/C06AL-4W5738+H    crankshaft bearing
D02A-112-40+A    crankshaft bearing
WD10/615/81500010046    crankshaft bearing
D02А-110-40+А    main bearing
VG1500010046    main bearing
D9-220/D02А-111-40/D02А-323-40    thrust bearing
SC11D/C06AL-1003652    thrust bearing
WD615/81500010125    thrust bearing
D9-220/D05-113-32+А    connecting rod liner
SC11D/C05AL-4W5739+A    connecting rod liner
WD615/61560030033    connecting rod liner
C6121/C02AL-2W6134+A    water-sealing packing ring
LW-500F 250300139    bushing (articulation washer)
50*40*45    bushing
LW-500 252100390 (90х70х90)    bushing
LW-500 252100391 (150х130х122)    bushing
LW-500 252100392 (125х105х122)    bushing
7N8018    cylinder head bushing
9Y1798    cylinder head bushing
LW-500 252100395 (100х80х90)    bucket pin bushing
LW-500 250200493 (62х50х70)    subframe bushing
7М4046    camshaft bushing
С6121/8N4110    camshaft bushing
803004098 LW-500F    hydraulic steering cylinder
805200124 М36*3    screw nut
"(М14х1,5) 805201527"    universal jint bolt's screw nut
LW-500 805200052    bucket tooth screw nut
LW-500 251804286     pin frame screw nut
LW-500 (D9-220)    generator
LW-500 (WD10)    generator
ZLF25A1/252300148    hydraulic valve
BZZ-125    hydraulic power steering
BZZ5-Е500/803004125/0126    hydraulic power steering
C6121/C02AL-1105800+A    liner
D9-220/D02A-104-41+A    liner
WD615/WD10/612630010015    liner
D9-220    cylinder liner
7/37 back LW-500    hypoid gear and pinion
7/37 front LW-500    hypoid gear and pinion
ZL50G/75200507A    "hypoid gear and pinion, back"
ZL50G/75200507    "hypoid gear and pinion, front "
WD10    cylinder head  
800306703 LW-500    hydraulic converter
YG901E4/250900398    air pressure sensor
PS31-20-2MRB/803502505    oil pressure sensor
803502462    motor oil pressure sensor
803502473    motor oil pressure sensor
803502474    motor oil pressure sensor
APS1    pressure sensor
WD615    oil temperature sensor
803502420    gearbox oil temperture sensor
SC9D/D06A-002-34B+C LW-500    damper
251804409 LW-500    disc (articulation clamping plate)
LW-500    driven friction disc
LW-500    wheel disc assy
250200527 LW-500    gearbox disc
250200531 LW-500    gearbox disc
250300297 LW-500    brake disc
250200521    friction disc
250200522    friction disc
ZL40.6.14/9310469    gearbox friction disc
250300331 LW-500    differential gear (26 teetht)
ZL50G/75200107/82030502    differential gear
LW-500    differential gear (26 teetht)
ZL50G/5001292    ignition switch
ZL50G2-11100-1    left side tooth
ZL50G2-11100-2    right side tooth
LW500 252101811    "bucket side tooth, left"
LW-500    "bucket side tooth, left+right"
LW500 252101812    "bucket side tooth, right"
LW500 252101813    bucket central tooth
ZL50G2-11100-1    middle tooth
ААРС7 with RS-232    power cable
D9-220/D02C-101-34+B    flywheel casing
DF32D3/803004103 LW-500    valve
DF32D3/803004103 LW500 №15122136    valve
SH380F-3511010/803004037 LW-500    valve
612600050073    input valve
SC9D/D04-110-33    input valve
WD615 61560050042    input valve
612600050025    output valve
SC9D/D04-111-31    output valve
WD615 61560050041    output valve
П-3205    compressor sniffing valve
LW-500      high-pressure fuel pump return valve
XF-B6/5000399    limiting valve
SC11D/D9-220/D59-105-22+A    motor shutdown valve
WD10.220/612600180175    motor shutdown valve
YXL-F250F-N LW-500 803004061    priority valve (primary)
250200147 LW-500     transmission control valve
LW-500 250200292     transmission control valve
LW500 №250200147/8703    transmission control valve
DF32D2 251800152 LW-500     valve (hydrauliv control valve)
DF32D2 251800152 LW-500 №15122133    valve (hydrauliv control valve)
 DF32D2 251800152 LW500 №15122135    valve (hydrauliv control valve)
DF32D2 251800152 LW500 №16012157    valve (hydrauliv control valve)
250900501 LW-500 №25041603    bucket assy
250900501 LW-500 №25041604    bucket assy
250900501 LW-500 №25041605    bucket assy
253000539 LW-500    bucket assy
LW500    pump ring
ZL50G/YCX.4.1    hand brake shoe
11*21cm LW500F    brake shoe
LW-500 860115461    brake shoe
C6121/C04AB-1W5300+A    valev oil seal
D-9  LW-500    valev oil seal
WD10/612600040114    valev oil seal
WD10/612600041114    valev oil seal
D-9    piston ring
C6121/C05AL-1006695+A    piston ring
 D9-220/F/D05-31Y    piston ring
WD615/WD10/612600030058    piston ring
07000-02145    ring
S641-11003 Hyundai HL730-9S    ring
D9-220 (D02A-171-30A)    liner ring
"(75*3,1) 801100116 LW-500"    O-ring
"(75*3,1) 801160116 LW-500"    O-ring
"(85*3,1) 803164050 LW-500"    O-ring
D9-220    gasket ring
250300306    final reductor gear bolt ring
D9-220/B00001039    pin locking ring
D9-220    liner sealing ring
D9    gaskets set
612600130043 (WD10/WD615) LW-500    compressor
D9-220 LW-500    compressor
WD10/612600130531    air compressor
D9-220/D02B-101-30B+A LW-500     timing gear housing
LW-500     gearbox assy
275200140 LW500    differential cross (26 splines)
LW-500    eared cross
ZL50G/860117405/47*120    cross
860116858 LW-500    back cross
860118447  LW-500 (Т-160)    front eared cross
860118445 LW-500    front cross
SC9D/D16a-128-08a    fan bracket


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