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UK10 UK15 UK20 UK30 UK40 Mining Truck Shaft

UK10 UK15 UK20 UK30 UK40 Mining Truck parts
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  • UK10 UK15 UK20 UK30 UK40

UK10 UK15 UK20 UK30 UK40 Mining Truck parts Гайка колесная 304.019.020 Генератор 301.004.021 (3701010-52D дойц) Гидроцилиндр 313.022 "Джостик управления 314,013" Карданный вал 310.015 Карданный вал 310.016 Карданный вал 310.018 Карданный вал 310.019 Карданный вал 310.055 Комплект уплотнений г/ц переворота 313.023A Комплект уплотнений г/ц поворота 313.022A Комплект уплотнений г/ц подъема 313.024A Контроллер 328.031 Лепестки 302.003.060 Насос 311.022 Помпа Стартер 301.003.014 (3708010A52D дойц) Тормозной диск 304.019.004 Тормозной диск 304.019.005 Уплотнение 303.002.059 Уплотнение 304.019.001

Вентилятор 1308010-54D Уплотнение 304.019.002

Генератор 3701010-52D Уплотнение 304.019.003

Датчик давления масла ДВС 3810020K1HD1 Уплотнение 304.019.011

Датчик температуры ДВС 3808020-109 Уплотнение 304.019.012

Муфта вентилятора 1313010A263 Уплотнение 304.019.091

Насос подкачки 02112673 Шпилька колесная 304.019.019

Помпа 1307010A30D

Сальник коленвала передний 1005090-52D

Стартер 3708010A52D

Фланец вентилятора 1313044-365

Шкив помпы 1307036-66D Front gimbal shaft Universal joint assembly (crosspiece) Universal joint assembly (crosspiece) Fixed gimbal shaft Wheel assembly (gearbox) Short semi-axis Semi-major axis Rear shaft bearing Bearing of a shank forward Tapered Roller Bearings "Oil seal (gearbox, axle)" Hub bearing Hub bearing Slotted seat Internal gear (crown) Planetary transmission (satellites) Planetary axis (satellite axis) Rim bolts (wheel studs) Rim Nuts (Wheel nuts) Tapered Roller Bearings Flask assembly (box) Deep Groove Ball Bearings (gearbox) O-ring Repair kit Repair kit Repair kit Repair kit Quadruple proportional solenoid valve Pilot valve with one-hole handle (jostle for 2 working positions) Right transverse pilot handle (jostle for 4 working positions) Left cross handle of the pilot (jostle for 4 working positions) Remote Control Operating Solenoid Valve Multi-way valve Hydraulic lock (telescopic cylinder) Balancing valve Double-sided hydraulic lock (hammer drill cylinder) Butterfly valve

NO.2111 7441 Hydraulic turntable motor Level gauge (oil level in the hydraulic tank) Rotary cylinder (hammer) Priority valve (emergency) Fully hydraulic steering mechanism (arbitrol) Speed control valve block Electromagnetic safety valve Pressure measurement connection (port)

3.02.0012 Ball valve Accumulator (pneumatic-hydro accumulator) Oil source monitoring (sensor) Electromagnetic reversing valve Valve plate (solenoid body) One-way valve Filling valve (brake system charging valve) Foot brake valve (brake pedal) Hydraulic lock Multi-way valve Double pump (main hydraulic pump) Multi-way valve Single pilot valve Transmission block Electromagnetic safety valve

1017969 Cooling system fan Radiator inlet pipe Radiator outlet pipe Silicone tube (air filter nozzle) Silicone tube (air filter nozzle) Asbestos mat (exhaust pipe gasket) Hammer assembly Slewing bearing (slewing wheel bearing) Copper sets Copper sets Copper sets Copper sets Copper sets (dump) Wear-resistant cab lift slider (cab)


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